Planning Advice

Helping You Get Council Approval 

•  Development Applications
•  Planning Reports
•  Statements of Environmental Effects
•  Construction Certificates
•  Section 68 Approvals
•  Planning Proposals (Rezoning)
•  Expert Witness

What We Offer

When dealing with your local council, it can be difficult to know what the right form is, who to talk to and how to go about getting the approval you need.

With over 30 years’ experience working for, or working with, local government, Tony Blue from Blueprint Planning Consultants knows what is required for your situation.

Blueprint Planning Consultants can:

• prepare your application for you, utilising a network of other local consultants with the necessary expertise, or

• prepare planning reports, statements of environmental effects or environmental impact statements to support your

We Come To You

Blueprint Planning Consultants provide a mobile service, available to meet where it suits you.  While we are based in Port Macquarie, we can provide cost effective services throughout the North Coast and regional NSW.

Our Size, Your Advantage

Blueprint Planning Consultants is a small business partnership.  With low overheads and flexible arrangements for meeting with clients, we offer expert town planning advice at very competitive rates.